About Our Company

Hunting for the right kind of luxury furniture for your newly built, lavish house? We are here to help you out with all that you need and require to complete your house into a home sweet home. Yes, we are one of the leading dealers in furniture, luxury furniture and you can contact and come to us for all your home needs. We have all latest brands and models and the variety offered is huge. We are a one stop one shop wherein you can complete your shopping for your new house with us and fabulously at fantastic rates.

We have staffs who are well experienced and have complete knowledge about all the different types of furniture, fittings and home needs. We have designers who can design and create a unique piece especially for you after taking in your choices, preferences, and opinions and you will be the proud owner of that piece seen nowhere. We also offer the facility of a visit to your house to physically see and give you a clarity about the types of furniture that would suit the different needs of the different rooms in your house. You will also be given the choice to select the type of wood you would want your furniture pieces to be made from and we try to deliver the finished pieces within the time promised. We vouch for the quality we promise and offer you and this we feel is the reason for us to have been retaining the No.1 position in the furniture market.

So feel free, contact us and we would be there at your doorstep at your convenience to give you a convenient living house. Come to us and we will give you some fine pieces of furniture matching your luxurious house making it look even more elegant and at the same time posh.




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